Delhi International Airport launches GMR DELHI AIRPORT app on Microsoft Windows 8 platform

Infotech Lead India: Delhi International Airport (DIAL) has launched GMR DELHI AIRPORT application on Windows 8 platform in collaboration with Microsoft.

Delhi Airport passengers and Windows 8 users can benefit from the application that has features such as real-time flight information, live weather information, access to all passengers’ facilities available at the airport.

This application can be downloaded at free of cost from Windows Store website.

“We are happy to partner with Microsoft to bring this truly valuable new service to travelers. Smart phones and tablets usage is growing phenomenally as the primary means of information with passenger’s expectation of having instant access to real-time, relevant and reliable information when on the move, this new application on windows 8 platform will serve the purpose allowing us to deliver that experience seamlessly on mobile devices and pads,” said I Prabhakara Rao, CEO, DIAL.

“Our adaptation to these technological changes also signifies that we are dynamic and continuously evolving and following best practices so as to provide the quality services available at ease to all the passengers,” Rao added.

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