DDN taps Seagate storage customers impacted by ClusterStor shut down

DDN SFA14KE platformDataDirect Networks (DDN) has indicated that it wants to tap opportunities arising from the shutting down of ClusterStor product line by Seagate.

Seagate, the global enterprise storage leader from the US, is shutting down the popular ClusterStor product family after making a series of announcements on innovation in the last two years.

DDN will be stepping up its efforts to provide an immediate path to safety for the many users left stranded in the wake of Seagate shutting down of ClusterStor product line.

“It is a sad day when an industry built on long-term commitments is left in disarray, but DDN is stepping up to manage a smooth transition into the safe, stable, high-performance and industry-winning storage solutions to which every HPC customer is entitled,” said Alex Bouzari, DDN co-founder and CEO.

“DDN will be offering a range of advantageous storage upgrade and file system support programs to our stranded friends following this announcement,” said Paul Bloch, DDN co-founder and president.

DDN in a statement said it will craft the ideal mix of Spectrum Scale (GPFS), Lustre, disk, SSD, burst buffer, block, file and object storage systems to meet and exceed all HPC customer requirements, present and future.

Earlier, Seagate Technology announced it will incorporate Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre (IEEL), a big data software platform, into its ClusterStor storage architecture for high-performance computing (HPC).

ClusterStor SDA, developed specifically for the federal market, enables users with different security classifications to connect to a single-server storage environment.

Seagate Technology earlier introduced the ClusterStor 300N storage system with Nytro Intelligent I/O Manager.

Segate said the ClusterStor 300N represents the convergence of Seagate’s hard drives, solid state designs and system software.

Seagate Technology reported revenue of $2.4 billion, gross margin of 27.7 percent and net income of $114 million in the fourth quarter ended June 30, 2017. The storage company posted revenue of $10.8 billion, gross margin of 29.5 percent and net income of $772 million for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017.

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