Dax Networks announces training and certification on IP Surveillance

Infotech Lead India:Dax Networks, a networking company based in India, has announced a  training and certification program on IP Surveillance suitable for Software and Network Engineers, IT Graduates, Electrical, Civil, and Mechanical Engineers and the students of CSE-IT, MCA, BSc/MSc IT.This job oriented program will be conducted by IP experts from Dax and the Industry. It has been designed to enhance the skills of young engineers employed in pre sales, post sales, design, implementation, technical support, etc. The program also provides self-employment opportunities.

The courses offer a mix of theoretical sessions and practical exercises. Every training venue has an experience zone that will offer the participants a hands-on experience. On completion of the course, the participants will receive a certification from Dax which will be listed and validated online on Dax’s website.

According to IMS Research, the video surveillance equipment market in India is expected to grow to $463 million by 2016, of which over $200 million is expected from the network IP video surveillance and the rest from analogue video surveillance.

Sudha Jagadish, CEO, Dax Networks, said, “Increasing security threats have fuelled a huge national demand for surveillance systems. Consequently, the demand for specialized Network Engineers has also increased significantly. Dax’s training program on IP Surveillance is aimed at addressing this market need and opportunity.”

Subashini Ramakrishnan, chief technology manager, Dax Networks, said, “The program is designed to provide a complete insight into concepts, solution design, installation and commissioning, combined with management and monitoring of IP-Surveillance systems. With live examples from typical customer installations, the course will also cover bandwidth constraints involved in a regular surveillance application and the related design elements incorporated for optimizing the resources and providing visibility and control in the IP WAN/LAN. The participants will be able to understand the dynamics of employing Surveillance over Broadband, 3G, 4G and Wireless.”

The first workshop of the program will be conducted in Chennai on February 1, 2013 in three modules/levels:

DCINE – Dax Certified ‘IP-Surveillance’ Network Expert

DCISE – Dax Certified ‘IP-Surveillance’ Solution Expert

DCIDE – Dax Certified ‘IP-Surveillance’ Design Expert

The duration of the course will range from 1 to 4 days depending on the course module chosen .The Course fee of Rs. 10,000 includes a 2 year Valid Certification for the day-long introductory module.

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