Dan Talayco appointed chairman of TAG at Open Network Foundation

Infotech Lead America: Big Switch Networks, a platform-independent Software-Defined Networking (SDN) vendor, announced the appointment of Dan Talayco as chair of Open Networking Foundation’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The Technical Advisory Group is responsible for identifying and resolving challenging issues such as reconciling the tradeoffs between vendor independence and vendor differentiation, and between near-term compatibility and future-proof design.

The selection underscores the joint commitment between Big Switch Networks, the ONF, and its member companies to deliver open, standards-based implementations of SDN and OpenFlow.

Dan was appointed to the TAG as a member in November of last year.

Prior to joining Big Switch Networks, Dan was a Research Engineer working on OpenFlow under ONF co-founder Nick McKeown and Clean Slate Lab Head Guido Appenzeller at Stanford University.

He has held a variety of positions in both the private sector and educational institutions including principal scientist at Broadcom, director of Software Development, at Aprius, assistant professor at Boston College, Franklin and Marshall College and Kalamazoo College.

He is a senior architect at Big Switch, and leads the Big Switch architecture efforts to help switching partners design and implement OpenFlow.

Dan has also served as vice-chair of the ONF’s Hybrid Programmable Forwarding Plane Working Group.

Rob Sherwood, CTO of Controller Technologies at Big Switch Networks, also chairs the ONF’s Architecture & Framework Working Group (ArchWG). The ONF ArchWG will map out the scope of SDN in terms of architecture, framework, and North Bound API for OpenFlow and other components.

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