D-Link unveils new 10 Gigabit web smart switches

D-Link has launched new Web Smart 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch targeting businesses, educational facilities and government.

The latest 10 Gigabit web smart switches from D-Link enable enterprises to upgrade their network to 10 Gigabit speeds without significantly increasing IT budgets.

The company claims that these latest switches are cost effective and capable of servicing a range of network needs in business. D-Link’s Web Smart 10 Gigabit switches feature 10GbE copper and 10GbE fiber interfaces.

The new Web Smart switch is an ideal core switch for a small or medium size business network connecting access switches, servers and storage devices, with eight 10GBASE-T ports, two dedicated 10GbE fiber ports and two 10GbE combo ports.

The 10GBASE-T copper ports support 10 Gbps speeds over CAT6A/CAT7 cabling up to 100 meters and offer a lower cost alternative to fiber.

D-Link 10 Gig Web Smart Switches

This apart, D-Link has introduced a second Web Smart switch. DXS-1210-12SC features ten optical 10GbE (SFP+) ports and two 10BbE combo ports. Enterprises can utilize the DXS-1210-12SC switch to aggregate 10 Gigabit fiber links from other D-Link Managed and Smart switches, such as the DGS-3620, DGS-3420 and DGS-1510 series products. Enterprises can also consider DXS-1210-12SC as a top of rack switch in a small or medium sized data center.

Features of D-Link’s 1210 series switches include energy savings, advanced security and Layer 2 switching option. They are designed for simple management and offer rich Quality of Service (QoS) functionality to ensure service quality for server/service access.

In addition, by incorporating D-Link Green technology, the switch is capable of power saving without sacrificing operational performance functionality. The switches have built in smart fans, internal heat sensors monitor and detect temperature changes and react accordingly by utilizing fan speeds for different temperatures.

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