D-Link unveils 10-Gigabit Ethernet L2/L3 aggregation switch DXS-3600 series

Infotech Lead America:D-Link unveiled its new DXS-3600 series of 10-Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 and Layer 3 managed aggregation switches.The D-Link DXS-3600-16S and DXS-3600-32S are compact, high-performance switches with very low latency, making them ideal, cost effective solutions for enterprise and education network environments, as well as top-of-rack (ToR) deployment in data centers. The D-Link DXS-3600 product family is designed to deliver reliability, prevent data loss during network congestion and enable energy savings.

The DXS-3600 switches feature selectable store-and-forward, or cut-through switching modes to reduce network latency. The switches also utilize two hot-swappable power modules for 1+1 power redundancy and load sharing, and three hot-swappable smart fans for redundancy. The smart fans monitor and detect temperature changes and react accordingly by utilizing different fan speeds for different temperatures.

The DXS-3600 series is designed to address the increasing needs to expand bandwidth, performance, switching capacity, overall reliability, and energy saving. It suits a range of network environments including small to medium sized businesses, enterprise environments, data centers, school campuses, healthcare facilities, and government organizations.”

The DXS-3600 series standard software image supports an extensive range of L2+ features including VLAN, multicasting, Quality of Service (QoS), security, data center, and static routing functions. An optional enhanced image software upgrade provides comprehensive Layer 3 IPv4/IPv6 routing including RIP, VRRP, OSPF, BGP, and L3 multicasting features.

Priced at $8,899.99, the DXS-3600-16S model has 8 fixed SFP+ 10G ports with one expansion module, switching capacity of 480 Gbps and a maximum forwarding rate of 357.14 Mpps. The DXS-3600-32S is priced at $12,449.99 and has 24 fixed SFP+ 10G ports, 960 Gbps switching capacity and a max forwading rate of 714.28 Mpps. The expansion modules provide extra 1000BASE-T ports, 10-Gigabit SFP+ ports, 40-Gigabit QSFP+ uplinks, or low cost 10 GBASE-T interfaces for a wide range of applications.

The DGS-3600 series is currently available through D-Link’s vast network of channel partners, including value-added resellers and distributors.

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