CSC OmniLocation MachinEdge launched

CSC OmniLocation MachinEdge is aimed at streamlining the development and deployment of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

The M2M solution enabls developers in the manufacturing industry to create custom applications within days as opposed to months.

“MachinEdge is a next-generation solutions development approach that combines CSC’s consulting depth, expertise in the manufacturing industry, and technical capabilities in big data, cloud and cybersecurity,” said Doc Parghi, director and general manager for mobility and social, CSC.

Since most M2M systems are not enterprise-compatible, organizations select one of four suboptimal options: build from scratch; standardize on a single infrastructure provider; use multiple, segmented applications or outsource to a third party.

CSC’s MachinEdge solution provides a new option that enables developers to create their own enterprise M2M applications rapidly without changing work processes, hindering innovation or restricting data types and formats.

“We continue to witness a groundswell of demand for cloud platform usage in custom application development, driven largely by the need to speed up application development lifecycles, empower IT to respond more quickly to business user needs, and in turn, shorten time-to-value,” said Peter Marston, research manager for analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

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