Credit Andorra deploys SD-WAN technology from Nokia’s Nuage Networks

Credit Andorra Financial Group has tapped Nokia to enable the financial services company to easily connect its branch locations and remote sites to its corporate data centers and applications.

Credit Andorra Financial has deployed software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology from Nuage Networks, a Nokia venture, to support business-critical applications for its global banking operations.

Nokia said the Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution, Virtualized Network Services (VNS), allows Credit Andorra Financial Group to provision new business sites, applications and both private and public cloud services and networks more quickly than is possible with less automated WAN processes and infrastructure.

Nokia said the Nuage Networks platform provides policy-based automation of quality of service (QoS) and security for each application and location as services are ordered through a self-management portal. The Nuage Networks SD-WAN fabric will accelerate service delivery while reducing operating overhead and costs.

Credit Andorra Financial Group will enhance the speed and security of its existing financial service offerings, and enable it to extend those services to additional markets quickly and cost effectively.

It will also enable the bank to establish and enforce consistent security and access policies across all of its locations, simplifying regulatory compliance and reducing the need for large on-site teams to support each branch office or temporary project site, further reducing costs.

“Stability and security are key concerns for financial institutions when evolving an IT infrastructure. We are happy to report our Nuage Networks SD-WAN implementation is delivering on the expected operational cost reductions and accelerated service delivery across our WAN,” said Alfred Alcon, CTO of Credit Andorra.

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