Contexti launches Big Data analytics services and training in Australia and Asia

Contexti has launched Big Data Analytics consulting, systems integration and training services inAustraliaandAsia.

Early Contexti customers include an Australian financial services company building an augmented data warehouse solution with Hadoop to comply with Dodd-Frank reforms and aSingaporebased media company applying advanced data science to predict the lifetime value of new customers.

“As enterprises inAustraliaandAsiaprogress through their Big Data journey, Contexti has a dedicated service offering to help at each stage” said Sidney Minassian, founder & CEO of Contexti.

Contexti’s services include strategy definition, readiness assessment, Hadoop integration, NoSQL development, data science and modeling, Hadoop and related training programs.

While predictive analytics for customer, revenue and risk insights is high on the enterprise agenda, Contexti has also found demand for its expertise in augmenting legacy enterprise data processing and business intelligence solutions to reduce cost and increase agility.

With an expanding network of global product and service partners, Contexti customers have access to world-class solutions in Big Data Analytics.

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