CommScope intros new access points supporting Wi-Fi 6 technology

CommScope has introduced new access points supporting Wi-Fi 6 technology, bringing the benefits of higher data rates, increased capacity, improved power efficiency and better performance with multiple connected devices.
CommScope's R650 indoor Wi-Fi 6 access point

CommScope added the R850, R650 and R550 indoor APs and T750 and T750SE outdoor APs. The APs will be Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 and are optimized for dense environments such as educational campuses, hotels and other venues such as airports and stadiums.

CommScope introduced last year the RUCKUS R750, the world’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 access point (AP).

“With the increase in video-centric learning, whether that be remote, onsite, in a classroom or dorm room, we are finding that our more than 11,000 students across our four campuses in Gyeongju, South Korea want better Wi-Fi connections,” said Eunhyun Kim, manager of Information Planning Department at Dongguk Gyeongju University.
CommScope's T750 outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access point“Teachers, students and administrators expect us to be responsive, and we expect the same of our vendors,” says Jeff Baird, technical director for Huntington ISD. “We’ve stayed away from online testing using Chromebooks because we knew the legacy network couldn’t support it. The administration wants everything fixed and working.”

Technologies found in RUCKUS APs like BeamFlex and the Ultra-High-Density Technology Suite enable customers like Dongguk Gyeongju University and Huntington ISD to meet the needs of their users.

BeamFlex technology automatically adjusts antenna patterns in real-time to minimize interference obstacles while delivering the best performance to every device. The RUCKUS Ultra-High-Density Technology Suite is technologies designed to improve network performance and end-user experience in ultra-high dense environments.

“Qualcomm Technologies launched our Wi-Fi 6 platforms to meet the demands of the most challenging and congested environments with an advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology approach,” said Nick Kucharewski, vice president and general manager, wireless infrastructure and networking, Qualcomm Technologies.

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