Cloudflare buys Zaraz that developed technology to speed up websites

Cloudflare has acquired Zaraz, which has developed technology to speed up and secure websites by reducing the impact of third-party marketing and analytics tools.
Online job IndiaZaraz is the first company Cloudflare has acquired built on its own technology, Cloudflare Workers.

“Thousands of applications have been built on Workers, and it’s been phenomenal to see the impact and innovation that it can bring at every level of an organization from developers to CIOs. We believe that the next billion-dollar company can and will be built on Cloudflare Workers,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare.

Many websites use third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Hubspot to help businesses gather critical information about their online visitors or automate critical tasks.

According to WebAlmanac data, the median website in 2021 uses 21 third-party solutions on mobile and 23 on desktop and that number can be significantly higher. Despite businesses investing time and resources to optimize their websites, the use of these third-party tools can slow down the performance of their sites and create additional security risks.

With Zaraz, companies can run as many third-party tools as they need, without slowing down their website, compromising their security, or sacrificing their customers’ privacy. Zaraz uses Cloudflare Workers to replace the multiple network requests of each tool with one single request, effectively transforming a messy web of extensions into a single lightweight application.

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