Cloud-based surveillance from Genetec safeguards restaurants

Cloud based video monitoring service from Genetec is now helping restaurants safeguards their patrons and inventory.

Stratocast, the cloud based video monitoring service from Genetec, is finding quick adoption by restaurants in North America.

One early Canadian-based adopter is the China Rose restaurant, an award winning Asian cuisine establishment located in Calgary, Alberta.

Having a video surveillance system has always been a key operations requirement in restaurants to help keep an eye on who is coming and going from the restaurant, to ensure the well-being of guests and staff, and maintain video records for incidents involving liability claims and inventory theft.


Stratocast is specifically designed for small to mid size businesses. Thanks to the Stratocast viewing app, owners can view the video in their smartphone wherever they are and see what’s happening at the front desk or around the restaurant.

The cloud-based solution does not limit the video recordings unlike the old DVR systems. Stratocast enables customers to record and retain up to four weeks of footage.

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