ClickSoftware mobility solutions power Oi

Oi, a telecom services company in Latin America, has deployed ClickSoftware’s scheduling and mobility solutions.

This is the first phase of Oi’s workforce and customer management project.

The pilot project in Belo Horizonte has enabled Oi to benefit from improved customer satisfaction from greater appointment flexibility and shorter appointment windows, increased productivity of the field workforce, reduction of operational costs and increase in first-time fix rates, cutting down on additional workload and mileage for field technicians.

The rollout will continue across Brazil throughout mid-2014, and covers tens of thousands of technicians who service more than 70 million customers nationwide.


ClickSoftware’s solutions help ensure that customer satisfaction is actually increased even as Oi reduces operational costs by putting the right resources at the right place, with the right equipment at the right time.  This approach, coupled with easy-to-use customer appointment booking and shorter wait times, puts customers first while increasing field technician productivity.

“ClickSoftware makes life easier for the customer who is able to schedule, via phone or web, the most convenient appointment time, and even make same-day appointments. This, combined with an optimized schedule, also creates the ability for Oi to provide a very specific appointment time, as opposed to long wait periods,” said Zeinal Bava, president of Oi.

Moshe Ben Bassat, Founder and CEO of ClickSoftware, said: “Through aggressive development in areas such as mobile business apps specific to the industry, advanced scheduling, and artificial intelligence, we are able to offer industry giants exactly what they need to address customer and operational demands.”

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