Cleversafe forms partnerships with industry leaders to meet growing business challenges

Infotech Lead America:Cleversafe announced the formation of The Cleversafe Solution Network designed to provide customers with a comprehensive ecosystem offering the most cost-effective, scalable and highly available end-to-end storage solutions to address today’s business requirements.Businesses today are challenged to provide their end users with a complete storage solution. Today those requirements have grown to include always-available access to information, ways to effectively tier, retrieve and store content, backup and archive data for disaster recovery and business continuity, and to meet all governance and compliance requirements. To address these mounting challenges,

Russ Kennedy, VP, product strategy, marketing and customer solutions for Cleversafe said, “We recognize the benefits that joint technology partnerships can bring to customers and so we’ve engaged with ‘best-in-class’ providers to build our Solution Network.”

Cleversafe’s expansive solution network consists of leading partners including Gladinet, Mezeo, Panzura, Solid Instance, and WebDrive from South River Technologies who provide traditional cloud access to customer’s applications, while enabling customers to take advantage of Cleversafe’s cost effective, highly reliable and available storage system for cloud storage.

Content management partners such as DeJarnette Research Systems, Microsoft SharePoint and Panzura will enable customers to efficiently and securely manage content while taking advantage of Cleversafe’s storage platform to scale and support their ever-growing data requirements. Cloudera and IBM provide customers the ability to analyze large data sets and perform sophisticated analytics. Solution network systems integrators such as Lockheed Martin provide implementation and associated professional services for the federal and defense industries. CommVault and Symantec will help with data backup and protection of information for disaster recovery without disupting business continuity.

Working with file access and cloud gateway vendor companies such as Panzura and QStar Technologies, Cleversafe’s object-based dispersed storage system can assist users and administrators to easily and actively store, search and retrieve data within an archive, while maintaining availability of data. Cleversafe’s operating system partners include Microsoft and VMware to ensure that customers can quickly and easily deploy solutions, expand their service offerings and extend their environments to meet the demands of their users. Cleversafe has teamed with Riverbed and F5 to provide intelligent load balancing, big data traffic management and WAN optimization.Cleversafe’s partners Intel and Seagate help deliver the physical components and associated hardware to provide customers with the platform and infrastructure they need to deploy and utilize Cleversafe’s dsNet storage solution. Cleversafe’s dsNet system protects both data and metadata equally and is inherently more reliable than traditional storage systems.

Cleversafe’s unique approach delivers the powerful combination of analytics and storage in a geographically distributed single system, allowing organizations to efficiently scale their Big Data environments to hundreds of petabytes and even exabytes today.

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