Clear Creek School District deploys 30,000 Dell Latitude 10 tablets

Infotech Lead America: Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) in Texas will deploy 30,000 Dell Latitude 10 tablets in its 43 schools.

Students, teachers and administrators will the tablets running Microsoft Windows 8.

Dell recently said Fargo Public Schools, Southern Illinois University, Spartanburg School District 3 and Westwood Independent Schools have selected the enterprise-ready Windows 8 tablets.

For Clear Creek School District, the new tablets will be integrated into the district’s curriculum through professional learning services provided by Dell, Microsoft and Intel. CCISD evaluated Dell and Apple devices for their new one-to-one device deployment.

Kevin Schwartz, chief technology officer, Clear Creek Independent School District, said: “You can get access with most any tablet, but to fully deliver personalized learning requires a device that works seamlessly with all systems. The Dell Latitude 10 provides all of those features at a price that allows us to extend the initiative to more students.”

The Dell Latitude 10 also enables students to produce content as readily as they consume it.

For administrators, the Dell Latitude 10 tablet will help them streamline and easily manage the devices in an existing Windows environment to help save budget and time. Teachers will take advantage of professional learning to best integrate the technology into their curriculum.

The Microsoft Shape the Future program allowed CCISD to purchase the devices at a discounted rate. Teachers will also be equipped with tools and resources to help them integrate technology into their curriculum.

As part of its Partners in Learning Program, Microsoft will provide 10 days of professional development training so teachers can learn more about the newest software and how Windows 8 can extend learning times, inspire students to build real-world skills and improve educational outcomes.

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