City of Troy selects Extreme replacing Cisco and Juniper

Extreme Networks for data centersExtreme Networks announced that the City of Troy, Alabama selected Extreme’s software-driven networking technology to provide connectivity across 70 locations.

City of Troy expanded its BYOD program to accommodate more than 10,000 wired and wireless devices with enhanced network reliability throughout areas including parks and recreational facilities, its public library, and senior complex.

City of Troy replaced its networking equipment from Cisco, Juniper, and others, with Extreme’s end-to-end technology solution.

“Extreme’s solutions help our employees respond and access work resources quicker. Downtime is now a non-issue, which allows employees to be more efficient. We look forward to expanding Troy’s relationship with Extreme with its SDN and analytics solutions to pave the way for the city’s continued growth,” said Jason Bell, network administrator, City of Troy.

Following Troy’s decision to standardize with Extreme, the City has increased redundancy and reduced network downtime to support police department and their 911 operations. Standardizing the network has simplified operations for the City of Troy IT staff and brought time and significant cost savings to Troy’s employees, residents and visitors.

City of Troy is using ExtremeManagement software – supported by ExtremeXOS network operating system — for management, visibility and control of its wired and wireless enterprise networking solutions.

Troy also standardized and simplified its switching platform with ExtremeSwitching to provide fast and reliable network connectivity for 70 locations, including its parks, recreational facilities, Colley Senior Complex, and the Troy Public Library.

Troy’s network has been running smoothly with ExtremeSwitching, and has grown from 30 switches in 20 locations, to over 100 switches across 70 locations with seamless operations and zero down-time.

Extreme installed 10Gig ring around the city so that all departments, including EMS and firefighters, can directly connect to the network with complete redundancy.

Extreme’s switches allowed the city to upgrade with intelligent smart water and electric meters so that they can remotely monitor water and electricity consumption and control their smart lighting.

“Troy’s next project with Extreme will be installing AP cameras around the city for increased security,” said Robert Nilsson, director of Vertical Solutions, Extreme Networks.

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