Citrix to aid Action for Children to achieve 20% increase in productivity

Citrix Synergy 2
Action for Children, a UK-based charity, is utilizing Citrix solutions for achieving 20 percent increase in productivity in coming year.

Over the past few years, the local, central and federal governments in the UK have reduced budgets to fund charities, causing these non-profits to find innovative ways to serve their clients. Charities are also dealing with the increasing need to digitize the workplace for staff in non-traditional roles who often conduct work outside of a traditional business office.

Action for Children, a charity helping more than 300,000 children, young people and parents through 650 projects across England, worked with Citrix partner CDW to implement Citrix solutions to create a flexible, mobile IT environment for its employees.

Citrix said this workplace transformation project has helped empower their staff to work efficiently, while spending more time in the field with vulnerable children and families, and less time in the office submitting paperwork.

Alan Crawford, chief information officer, Action for Children, said: “My aim with implementing Citrix solutions was to ensure that technology would aide and enhance, not hinder, all of our workers, allowing everyone to focus on supporting children instead. The Citrix digital platform has achieved this goal by transforming the workday for all of our employees, and we aim to increase productivity by 20 percent over the coming year.”