Cisco’s Partner Deal Express launched for SMBs

Enterprise networking supplier Cisco has unveiled the new SMB program to improve partner sales efficiency and profitability in Asia Pacific.
Michiko Kamata, Managing Director, SMB APJC at CiscoCisco’s Partner Deal Express is a programmatic and scalable initiative aimed at improving sales efficiency and profitability for partners when they sell to small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Cisco’s partners will be able to provide faster transactions for SMBs as it provides an upfront discount on a targeted portfolio tailored for SMBs.

“SMBs need our partner’s expertise to ensure they deploy the right technologies to transform in the right areas and harness the full potential of digitalisation,” Michiko Kamata, Managing Director, SMB APJC at Cisco, said.

“The Partner Deal Express programme is an initiative that enables and empowers our partners to help SMBs by providing simplified visibility, management, and control.”

The initiative will offer the best pricing and promotions to improve customer experience and increase partner profitability through predictable pricing, which will make closing SMB deals/transactions easier and faster.

Cisco will review historical pricing and competitive analysis regularly and adjust Fast Track (pricing) to provide the best upfront discount for SMBs.

Cisco will also launch a SMB Website across APJC (available in all languages) with the aim to drive traffic and leads to their partners.

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