Cisco unveils solutions for SAP HANA platform built on Cisco UCS

Infotech Lead India: Cisco has introduced solutions for the SAP HANA platform built on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS).

The Cisco UCS for SAP HANA solution allows customers to perform real-time data analytics and data warehousing in seconds, while laying the foundation to run SAP’s other core enterprise applications on SAP HANA in the future.

Leveraging Cisco UCS to power servers running SAP HANA, customers can utilize Cisco UCS’ unified fabric, hardware abstraction and central management, to lower operational costs at the system level.

SAP’s in-memory computing technology, coupled with Cisco UCS, provides customers with solutions that have been architected to provide high-availability and multisite disaster tolerance, both of which are vital for mission-critical adoption.

“As clients look for ways to take advantage of real-time analytics and business intelligence to drive better decision-making, we are leveraging Cisco UCS technology to deliver flexible and scalable solutions on our SAP HANA implementations,” said Nicola Morini Bianzino, senior executive and SAP Database & Technology lead, Accenture.

“As data continues to grow exponentially, the ability to deliver real-time business intelligence is helping customers move more quickly to address issues and capture opportunities. Together SAP HANA and Cisco UCS are delivering a winning combination of innovative technologies to reduce operational costs and enhance application performance,” said Satinder Sethi, vice president, Cisco.

“The Cisco-EMC offering for SAP HANA provides a best-of-breed solution for customers to deploy SAP analytics solutions today and deploy the broader SAP landscape in the future. EMC is proud to bring its leadership in storage and strength in high availability, scalability, lower cost of ownership, and remarkable performance to the solution,” said Parmeet Chaddha, vice president, Solutions, EMC.

“As data processing requirements increase and more SAP HANA compute nodes are added to the environment, our storage solutions will meet the needs of applications delivery, innovation and anticipated business growth,” said Patrick Rogers, vice president, Data Center Platforms, NetApp.

“SAP HANA running on Cisco UCS architecture represents the kind of game-changing partner collaboration that can result in such solutions. These solutions deliver real-time analysis and reporting, coupled with dramatically accelerated business processes on an optimized infrastructure platform — a new platform for real-time business,” said Rayn Veerubhotla, vice president, Ecosystem & Channels, SAP.

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