Cisco to power Manchester City’s Wi-Fi network

Infotech Lead Europe: Manchester City fans will be able to access a new high-density Wi-Fi network next season, after the club signed up Cisco and O2 to help deliver the services at its Eithad Stadium.

The deal will also see O2 provide the 47,000-seat stadium with improved mobile connectivity so fans can send texts and make phone calls without issue.

The club announced that the improved Wi-Fi access would enable it to deliver a new stadium technology called StadiumVision Mobile that allows fans to access video replays, data and multiple camera angles.

Tom Glick, Manchester City’s chief commercial and operating officer, said: “Live games and concerts are highly enjoyable social events and we are delighted to be able to offer supporters a system that allows them to better utilize their own mobile devices when at the Stadium.

“With the ground and its immediate vicinity offering ubiquitous connectivity, we will soon be able to provide full talk and texting capabilities, while paving the way for exciting new mobile data applications and services,” Glick added.

O2 will manage the delivery of these services to fans over the Wi-Fi network that is being installed, based on Cisco technology.

Paul Lawton, O2’s general manager of SMB, said: “The deal would help boost the experience for fans at games in the stadium. The underpinning ICT delivery is something we are really excited to be working on, and will result in the provision of high-speed connection anywhere in the stadium for fans, allowing them to capture and share their experience in a digital way.”

The Manchester City announcement comes a month after Liverpool FC announced a similar partnership with wireless firm Xirrus to supply Wi-Fi access across its Anfield Stadium.

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