Cisco to buy IMImobile in $730 mn deal to enhance CXaaS offerings

Cisco announced that it will acquire IMImobile PLC in the UK as part of the plan to enhance Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) offerings.
Cisco LiveIMImobile is creating a world where enterprises and organizations can stay constantly connected to their customers across their entire journey.

IMImobile’s omnichannel capabilities make it easy for any marketing or service organization to message with their customers on any channel their customers prefer including WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Google RCS.

IMImobile provides the ability to easily alter workflows with low code orchestration capabilities. Finally, IMImobile also makes these same workflows programmable with enterprise CPaaS APIs that meet the needs of enterprise developers.

By combining IMImobile with the All New Webex Contact Center offer, Cisco will be able to provide a robust CXaaS offer. This will give organizations the ability to provide delightful customer experiences across the entire customer life cycle.

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