Cisco to buy Composite Software for $180 million

Infotech Lead India: Cisco is set to buy Composite Software, a provider of data virtualization software and services, for $180 million.

Cisco seeks to expand its portfolio of Smart Services and extend next-gen services platform by connecting data and infrastructure by acquiring Composite Software.

Composite’s software integrates traditional and new data sources including cloud and big data, into a simplified consolidated view. This simplified and optimized logical view of data enables organizations to make better, more

Together Cisco and Composite will accelerate the shift from physical data integration to data virtualization for customers and partners.

“Cisco’s strategy is to create a next generation IT model that provides highly differentiated solutions to help solve our customers’ most challenging business problems,” said Gary Moore, Cisco president and chief operating officer.

Composite’s data virtualization solution combined with Cisco run SolveDirect’s process integration platform will provide cross-domain data and workflow integration capabilities to enable real time business insights and operations.

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