Cisco opens Internet of Everything (IoE) center in Tokyo

Enterprise networking vendor Cisco will open its new Internet of Everything (IoE) Innovation Center in Tokyo.

Cisco aims to invest $20 million over the next 10 years into the Tokyo IoE innovation center.

The Tokyo IoE innovation center is the seventh Cisco has opened in key innovation hubs around the world. The other IoE Innovation Centers are in London, England; Barcelona, Spain; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Songdo, South Korea;Berlin, Germany; and Toronto, Canada.

The IoE center will include an R&D lab for prototyping of solutions for industries and customers. In addition to the testing and development lab, Cisco will demonstrate IoE in action by showcasing partner solutions.



Based on 61 use cases, Cisco estimates that IoE-based solutions can deliver $19 trillion of economic value worldwide in 10 years. For Japan, that value translates to $870 billion, including $248 billion in manufacturing and $109 in the public sector, said Cisco in a statement today.

Cisco said the new IoE Innovation Center will help develop and test new vertical solutions that can improve business outcomes and quality of life as well as spark a new generation of startups and jobs in Japan.

Smart-FOA, a local startup focused on fog software and the first recipient in Japan of Cisco’s global venture-capital investment fund, will participate in the innovation center efforts.

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