Cisco Live 2014: to demo IoE Machine and Connected City bus shelter

Enterprise IT vendor Cisco today said it will be showcasing Internet of Everything (IoE) Machine, a 20×20 foot interactive installation and five Connected City interactive bus shelters at Cisco Live 2014.

Both the IoE Machine and Connected City bus shelters show how Cisco technology can assist cities to run like clockwork by connecting people, process, data and things.

Cisco in a statement said that the IoE Machine and Connected City interactive bus shelters use a real event, taking place in San Francisco and utilize real-time local data to show the experience. Cisco says the individual experience will be different.

Cisco Live 2014

After the user selects an event category, the IoE Machine and the Connected City bus shelter ads use several live API feeds to deliver real-time information including traffic, weather and food. User’s experience will be slightly different from the next, and even the same user will get a different experience if they try it again on a different day.

The IoE Machine integrates with smartphones so that users are able to connect their smartphone to the installation via a mobile site. The mobile site utilizes a time code to deliver content that is linked to the action happening at that very moment in the machine, explaining how Cisco technology makes it happen.

For example, when a car reaches a streetlight on the installation, the content explains that Cisco Connected Grid Routers communicate with sensors to tell streetlights when to turn on and off, saving energy and keeping citizens safe.