Cisco launches Cisco WebEx Social targeting higher education segment

Infotech Lead America: Cisco has launched the Cisco WebEx Social for Higher Education, targeting the education segment.

Cisco developed this cloud-based solution in association with higher education institutions such as Duke University, North Carolina State University, Case Western Reserve and University of Chicago.

Cisco claims that the WebEx Social for Higher Education offer helps colleges and universities transform processes for increased productivity and innovation, while substantially reducing IT infrastructure cost and complexity.

“We developed WebEx Social for Higher Education in close cooperation with leading education institutions, as a people-centric cloud collaboration platform that unifies the education workspace and provides a connected learning experience,” said Renee Patton, senior director of education, US Public Sector for Cisco.

Users can quickly identify subject matter experts, gather group feedback, co-author documents, immediately with ready access to mentors, relevant communities based on their course of study, class syllabus, reading lists, and links to informational videos.

The WebEx Social for Higher Education offer includes integrated WebEx Social, WebEx Meetings and WebEx Messenger for presence and instant messaging delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud. The global footprint of Cisco WebEx Cloud is ideal for universities with satellite campuses and distant learning students worldwide.

WebEx Meetings and WebEx Messenger Integration let users easily move from social networking to real-time communications through click-to-start instant messaging and web conferencing directly from WebEx Social.

“Cisco was willing to work closely with us to truly understand the needs f the Duke community, and to find ways to meet those needs through the WebEx Social for Higher Education offering. As a result, we’re bringing something unique and powerful to Duke, and by extension to higher education more broadly,” said Tracy Futhey, vice president for information technology and chief information officer, Duke University.

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