Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins talks about strategies in his blog post

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins has shared his blog post, announcing the departure of some senior management team. He also talks about strategies and plans in the following post.

Over the last three years at Cisco, we’ve accomplished incredible things amidst an unbelievably dynamic time in our industry. During this period, we’ve delivered innovation and increased our relevance with customers, and transformed Cisco. Our Presidents, Rob Lloyd and Gary Moore, have played a significant role in driving these results. Thanks to their vision, we have the strong foundation that will allow Cisco to lead in the digital age.

As I transition to the role of CEO, my focus areas are acceleration, simplification, operational rigor and culture. These will be the foundation for Cisco’s continued evolution that will position us for the future. The moves we’ve already made as a company in the last three years in Engineering, Sales and Services were designed to deliver innovation with speed and meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

To drive our continued success and leadership, our organization structure must always evolve as the market changes. Today I am announcing that at the end of this fiscal year, Rob and Gary will be leaving Cisco. They will remain in their President roles until July 25th. Going forward, we will move to a flatter leadership team designed for the speed, innovation and execution that is required of us over the next decade.

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins blog
Rob and Gary have provided tremendous leadership for Cisco. I believe that one of their greatest achievements is the breadth and depth of the leadership team they’ve helped build. They are both deeply passionate about developing great talent. I am confident that many of those world-class leaders they’ve recruited and mentored will no doubt lead Cisco into the future, and for this I’m incredibly grateful.

As President of Sales and Development, Rob has been the leader of two organizations that make up over half the company. Rob has also led the IoE business, where we have helped our customers in imagining the future potential of this transition and developed a new class of solutions for connected manufacturing, smart cities, retail, to name a few.

Rob’s amazing ability to understand the market opportunities ahead, dig into the technical details, and show unwavering commitment to customers and our partners is exceptional. He set the bar for all of us relative to customer engagement in both volume and effectiveness. During Rob’s 21 years at Cisco, he consistently demonstrated an incredible capability to see and lead us all to the next market opportunities.

As Cisco’s first President & COO, Gary has driven our focus on flawless execution. Gary was one of the first leaders at Cisco to recognize the need to focus on customers’ desire for outcomes. Gary also took on the role of COO at a critical time for Cisco and focused on a number of strategic initiatives, including profitability, time to market, innovation, and the customer, partner, and employee experience—all with an eye to make Cisco the true market leader that we are today.

He joined Cisco in 2001 as the leader of Cisco Services, and under his 12 years of leadership, Services grew from $3 billion to nearly $10 billion in annual revenue. Gary has been at Cisco for 14 years, and throughout this time, he’s strengthened our values, ethics and our passion for our culture.

Rob and Gary have also had the opportunity to look back at their achievements—to read more about their thoughts and reflections on their years at Cisco, read Rob’s blog and Gary’s blog.

Looking ahead, I will announce my next generation organizational structure and my leadership team within two weeks. This simplified structure will allow us to move with speed to accelerate our innovation and help our customers transform in the digital age.

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