Cisco buys video analytics firm Modcam to enhance Meraki biz

Cisco announced its plan to acquire Modcam, a video analytics company headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, as part of the strategy to enhance Meraki business.
Cisco Meraki businessCisco will be adding team of engineers who have expertise in machine learning, computer vision and cloud-managed cameras with the acquisition of Modcam. Cisco did not reveal financial details of the Modcam.

Cisco, the largest enterprise networking supplier, has already invested in several innovations. Its MV smart camera portfolio has eliminated the problems of infrastructure cost and complexity that were prevalent in legacy systems. Cisco has simplified physical security operations, while raising the bar for digital security.

Modcam has developed a solution that enables cameras to become smarter. Cisco Meraki MV smart camera capabilities include motion detection and machine learning-based object detection, all of which run at the edge, in-camera.

These analytics are constrained to a single camera’s view of the world. With Modcam’s technology, this micro-level information can be stitched together, enabling multiple cameras to provide a macro-level view of the real world.

Modcam’s technology for precision locationing and journey pathing provides insights that inform strategic planning of physical spaces. These collaborative, cross-camera analytics can allow retailers to better understand customer behaviors — from products of interest to check out wait times.

Facilities managers and office space planners can better measure occupancy and room usage, while using trend data to optimize space utilization that can create safer working practices, Cisco said.

The analytic functionalities of the Cisco Meraki MV smart camera portfolio allow for the protection of individual privacy, while still providing intelligent insights. These features will be maintained with the integration of the Modcam’s technology, allowing users to monitor an individual’s path without obtaining or disclosing personal information.

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