Cisco announcess new Cisco IOx capability

Enterprise networking vendor Cisco announced its new Cisco IOx capability.

Cisco IOx enables customers from all segments and solution providers across industries to develop, manage and run software applications directly on Cisco industrial networked-devices, including routers, switches and IP video cameras.

With applications closer to where actionable data is generated, customers can more easily manage the massive amount of data that is projected to come out of people, process and things in the Internet of Everything (IoE) — and derive more value from their existing networks. Companies will be able to become more innovative, agile and efficient in their operations as a result, Cisco said.

Cisco estimates that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. These devices are creating data that is expensive to move to existing cloud environments for analysis and conversion to useful content.


To monitor, manage and respond to the massive amount of data generated by IoT, IOx allows applications to run as close as possible to the data source and create automated responses that drive value.

Cisco IOx benefits the following:

Smart Energy Distribution

Energy load balancing applications running on network edge devices that automatically switch to alternative energies like solar and wind-based on energy demand, availability and the lowest price.

Smarter Traffic Lights

As a video camera senses an ambulance flashing lights, it can automatically change streetlights to open lanes for the vehicle to pass through traffic. Smart streetlights can help achieve energy savings with intelligent lighting, which only turns on once a sensor identifies movement and switches off as traffic passes.

Self-Maintaining Trains

Sensor monitoring on a train’s ball-bearing can detect heat levels, allowing applications to send an automatic alert to the train operator to stop the train at next station for emergency maintenance and avoid potential derailment.

Lifesaving Air Vents

Sensors on vents monitor air conditions flowing in and out of mines and automatically change air-flow if conditions become dangerous to miners.

Cisco IOx brings the open-source Linux operating system and Cisco IOS network operating system together in a single networked device, which allows applications to run and respond instantly to actionable data sensed in an IoE world.

Cisco IOx capabilities will initially be available in Cisco industrial routers this spring. Cisco is working with industry leaders to collaborate and develop IOx-based solutions that will ease the deployment and support of the billions of connected devices in IoT.

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