Cisco adds video surveillance to safety and security solutions portfolio

Cisco has enhanced safety and security solutions portfolio with video surveillance architectures and new Internet of Things (IoT)- enabled solutions that ease management of millions of connected cameras and devices.

IoT is the much awaited technology transition that allows devices to sense and control the physical world by making objects smarter and connecting them through an intelligent network.

Video surveillance systems and services market is set to reach $36.28 billion by 2018. Organizations need secure and flexible video surveillance architecture to manage the growing number of cameras they are deploying in highly distributed harsh and industrial environments.

Video Surveillance Manager 7 (VSM 7) provides new capabilities that enable central or multiple operations management of intelligent video surveillance and an open platform for analytics and metadata, Cisco said.


VSM 7 provides an easy way to manage video, resources, troubleshooting and business intelligence, the company said. These systems are used as valuable business tools to mitigate enterprise-wide and global risk and to improve operational processes.

Organizations can use their own operational information to improve productivity through analytics and big data. They can identify and respond quickly to drive operational efficiencies across different industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, and public safety.

An ecosystem of CDN partners are now providing a range of solutions for video analytics, network monitoring, physical security information management (PSIM) and other applications.

Cisco VSM 7 provides an analytics and metadata platform for business intelligence with the support of new IoT solution capabilities. This platform supports secure APIs for integration with third party eco-system partner analytics to record and index metadata with video.

An industry first in Cisco VSM 7 allows motion metadata search that reduces the time and improves method to search through days of recorded video using motion detection.

Cisco IP Cameras act as Smart Endpoints providing an application development platform for IP cameras that will allow new analytics capabilities to be easily added as applications are developed. The ruggedized camera is suitable for transportation vehicles such as buses and trains.

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