Cisco adds new subscription services for Cisco Spark

Cisco recently announced that employees across many industries are using Cisco Spark and also added subscription services for Cisco Spark.

Introduced under the name Project Squared at Cisco’s Collaboration Summit in November, Cisco Spark allows employees to collaborate inside and outside their organizations, across virtually any device. It creates a secure, virtual rooms where team work together from anywhere.

Cisco Spark is built with customer feedback and is accessible from almost all mobile devices and desktop devices and is available as a mobile application or from Cisco website.

Once in the room, team members securely send messages, share and view files, start multiplying voice and video calls and share their screens.

Customers and partners using the Cisco Spark service include Telstra, Loggoss and Zdi.

Telstra, Australia’s telecommunication and information service company, has tested Cisco Spark for almost six months and notices the changes. Telstra’s staff now spends less time on emails and in meetings and the result is boost in team productivity.

Loggoss, a provider of vital services like real estate, telephone and insurance services, used an early pilot of Cisco’s APIs to integrate to its existing CRM platform so customers can access documents and information.

Nearly 2,500 members of Loggoss are using Cisco Spark to access the services. The company aims to extend the service for 40,000 members.

Zdi is using Cisco Spark and its team members can share insights, drawings and content from their desktop or mobile device.

Cisco announced new features for Cisco Spark including room moderators, simplified administration, calendar integration, a Windows client, expanded language tool and integration with Firefox.

Features such as 1:1 and group messaging, file sharing, 1:1 video calling and meetings with screen sharing, mobile calendar and contact integration are free.

Also, Cisco Collaboration specialized partners can now sell Cisco Spark subscription with additional features such as single sign on, directory sync and live support. Other additional feature includes meetings in rooms up to 25 users and entitlement to use WebEx Meeting Center or Enterprise Edition.

Recently Telstra announced it will use and market Cisco Spark. It was also announced that basic service is free but some elements will be available on subscription.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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