Cisco adds Instant Connect push-to-talk communication solution

Cisco has unveiled push-to-talk (PTT) communication solution Instant Connect.

Manufacturing, healthcare, campus and enterprise employees will benefit from the cost efficient PTT communication solution.

Cisco says the solution allows mobile users to communicate using enterprise networks.

“As devices and people continue to connect to the internet, Cisco will continue to deliver innovative products such as Cisco Instant Connect ultimately changing the way that people and devices communicate and work together,” said Guido Jouret, VP & general manager, Internet of Things group at Cisco.

Cisco Instant Connect delivers secure, reliable communications with a full-featured PTT user experience including enhanced capabilities beyond two-way PTT mobile radio handsets.

Cisco Instant Connect

Cisco Instant Connect is delivered using existing network infrastructure over enterprise wireless networks without the need for a service provider or carrier network, and does not require additional network investments. Users also have the flexibility to use their choice of mobile devices, including Cisco wired and wireless phones.

When users roam off site, they are able to stay in communication with their group by connecting to the corporate network through a carrier data plan. Managers with administration privileges can add and delete users from groups.

Cisco says PTT Servers are installed on the corporate network running as virtual applications on Cisco’s award winning Unified Data Center technologies including the Unified Computing Systems b-series, c-series and e-series platforms that can easily be expanded as PTT usage grows.

“We are excited to offer Cisco Instant Connect to our customers as it allows more people to use the radio network through commercially available smart devices and Voice over IP phones,” said Arjen Maarleveld, COO of Tait Communications.

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