Cisco ACI powers Navisite to cut latency in half, double throughput

Cisco technology at MWC 2017
Navisite, a provider of managed cloud services, application management and hosting services, has deployed Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) and revealed business benefits from the deployment.

The investment in Cisco ACI solutions as a core technology platform of its software defined data center reference architecture will assist Navisite to optimize its operational costs for global data center operations.

Cisco ACI will provide the Software Defined Network (SDN) foundation to automate Navisite data centers worldwide and speed time-to-market for its clients.

Navisite has eight data centers around the world to serve enterprise clients in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, etc. for digital transformation of their business.

“We’ve embraced Cisco’s software-defined data center vision to offer the highest service levels. Cisco ACI enables us to run an underlying network, compute and storage layer that is intelligent, application aware, policy driven and most importantly, can be adapted on the fly,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, group vice president and general manager, Navisite.

Cisco ACI enabled Navisite to cut latency in half, doubled throughput for its clients, and reduced deployment timeframes from days to a few minutes.

Cisco ACI’s automated approach also reduced potential for human error and freed time to focus on higher value tasks.

Navisite engineers are able to continuously monitor the network’s heath score and initiate a set of dynamic actions based on specific thresholds. Navisite’s engineers work more efficiently together to automate processes that had formerly been done separately and manually.

Cisco ACI also supported Navisite to offer new services such as inserting a specific firewall or load balancer to meet a client’s needs within Navisite’s private cloud managed hosting environments. Clients can also view and manage the capacity and performance within their environment and turn on additional services through Cisco ACI’s APIC Controller and, in the future, through Proximity, the Navisite client portal.

“With the deployment of Cisco ACI, Navisite is offering its clients the highest level of robust, scalable and secure cloud services that can be quickly deployed and customized, according to client needs and business drivers,” said Ish Limkakeng, vice president of Marketing for Cisco’s Insieme Business Unit.