Christian Brothers School taps Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet for digital learning

Christian Brothers High School, the U.S. has deployed Dell Latitude XT3 tablet PCs for its digital learning initiative.

The school, starting with its freshman class, has completed its first year not using traditional textbooks.

Administrators selected Dell Latitude XT3 because of its ability to perform as a tablet.

Chris Fay, principal, Christian Brothers High School, said: “Our goal is to make science, technology, engineering and math courses more accessible and approachable for our students.”

As part of the IT deal, Dell assisted Christian Brothers to implement a solution that addressed its technology needs designed to improve the learning experience.

In addition, Dell also worked with the school to set up a top-notch wireless environment and ensure all teachers and students have a reliable and secure experience. The school will also add storage and backup units this year with Dell’s help.

Dell is also working with several schools in the U.S. ( Dell Latitude 10 tablet finds rapid adoption in schools )

This fall, Christian Brothers High School will implement the second phase of the program in which sophomores, in addition to freshmen, will be given their own Dell Latitude XT3 Tablet PC.

Following the second phase, the school will equip all 850 students, making their school the only one in the region to achieve a fully digital learning environment.

Dell earlier said Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) in Texas will deploy 30,000 Dell Latitude 10 tablets in its 43 schools.

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