Chinese commercial bank deploys Juniper Networks to deliver high avaialbility

Juniper Networks, a provider of network technology and services, announced it has deployed the high-performance data center security solution at China Minsheng Banking Corporation (CMBC), the first commercial bank in China owned mostly non-government entities.

CMBC selected Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways to support its core business systems to improve performance, meet customers’ needs and drive customer satisfaction.

Juniper Networks SRX3600 and SRX5600 Services Gateways allow CMBC to deliver up to 100 Gbps of firewall throughput, allowing the bank to scale its security in line with data center demand. It supports CMBC’s 350 main branches and outlet locations across China.

CMBC deployed Juniper Networks SRX5600 and SRX3600 Services Gateways to become a distinctive, efficient and secure bank that brings maximum value and return to its customers and investors.


Juniper Networks SRX3600 and SRX5600 Services Gateways also enhance security in the data center itself as well as Internet, extranet and intranet gateways, enabling CMBC to enforce a strong and consistent set of security policies across all data center touch points.

The solution also delivers the availability and resiliency to ensure its online services are 99.999 percent available.

“With the new data center network in operation we can securely scale throughput to terabit levels thanks to the Juniper Networks SRX platform,” said Xie Da Peng, director, data center operation department, China Minsheng Bank.

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