China’s reinvents customer experience with Avaya solutions


China’s selected Avaya contact center solutions to improve customer experience.

Founded in 2011, is the first domestic car maintenance B2C e-commerce platform in China. Headquartered  in Shanghai, Tuhu’s business now covers 395 cities across the country including more than 10,000 stores.

In line with rapid growth in recent years, customer service centers faced with pressure from rising call volumes.

In addition, Chinese shopping festivals such as “11.11” and “6.18” brought additional challenges with sudden increases in demand for service during peak periods.

As a remedy, chose to deploy contact center solutions, which will connect the two customer service centers located in Shanghai and Wuhu of Anhui Province.

According to a Avaya  press statement, these solutions have helped Tuhu to successfully get over the first “11.11” shopping peak.

It also conveyed that Tuhu witnessed significant increase in operational and service efficiency since the deployment.

Impressed with the performance, Tuhu plans to add more application modules to the current customer service platform in the future as it builds an omni-channel contact center.

Customer experience is critical to businesses. Case studies from Avaya indicate that its clients are satisfied with the services it offers.

In the second quarter, contact center revenue of the Santa Clara-based company grew 8 percent year-on-year.

However, owing to global economic pressure, Avaya’s total revenue declined 8 percent annually to $904 million in the second fiscal quarter.  The decline was primarily attributed to the transition towards software and services and was concentrated in enterprise unified communications hardware.

Earlier this year, Avaya announced innovative enhancements to its product portfolio including Aura 7, Elite 7 and Session Border Controller 7.

In March, the company also announced the full availability of IP office-based UC and CC solutions on Avaya powered by the Google Cloud.

During the annual enterprise connect event in early March, it introduced the third generation of engagement development platform Avaya Breeze.

At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference in early March,  the company launched a   solution to address challenges of the Internet of Things in the healthcare vertical using Avaya SDN FX.

Kevin Kennedy, president and CEO of Avaya believes its product areas, technology and innovations will help it to rise from the downturn.

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