Chennai airport terminals deploy Juniper Networks’ technology

Infotech Lead India:  Juniper Networks has deployed a high-performance common use network infrastructure for the new passenger terminals at Chennai Airport.The Airports Authority of India (AAI) uses Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches, integrated with Juniper’s security and routing devices, within its new terminals to support common use applications such as Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE), passenger information processing systems, Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and video surveillance.

The campus networks in the new air terminals have been designed by Juniper Networks to provide scalability. Juniper Networks’ advanced EX Series switching technology will ensure consistent performance when the network transitions from IPv4 to IPv6.  Juniper Networks EX8216 Ethernet Switches have been deployed to form highly-resilient network data center cores which are capable of supporting up to 128 non-blocking 10 Gigabit per second Ethernet (GbE) ports.

Juniper Networks EX4200 Ethernet Switches form the network access layer in the new airport terminals to provide a high density of wire-speed GbE ports, with power-over-Ethernet for IP network surveillance cameras. The networks are completely distributed, with redundant links between layers so that each access and aggregation switch is connected to two switches in the layer above it, enhancing performance and availability.

Juniper Networks M7i Multiservice Edge Network Routers provide connectivity to AAI’s wide-area network. Juniper Networks SRX3400 Series Services Gateways provide multi-layer security across the campus networks.

India is currently the world’s ninth largest civil aviation market and is expected to be among the top five within ten years. AAI is responsible for the development of the airport infrastructure at 125 airports across the country. It is one of the world’s largest airport operators. Chennai Airport is India’s third busiest airport. Its new integrated terminal building is part of a massive investment being made in new infrastructure to support the explosive growth of aviation in India.

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