CES 2014: Netgear adds NeoMediacast HDMI Dongle

At the CES 2014, networking vendor Netgear announced the launch of NeoMediacast HDMI Dongle, a customizable, Miracast-enabled platform.

The Miracast-enabled platform enables telecom service providers to use the latest Android applications to offer their subscribers a veritable curated content store of both premium and free Over-the-Top (OTT) content.

Netgear adds NeoMediacast HDMI Dongle

NeoMediacast enables service providers to develop and operate a complete media streaming solution that supports their multi-screen video initiatives.

NTV300D integrates the Android SDK, giving service providers the tools to build their own premium content store. Service providers can leverage the Android apps they have already developed to support linear TV on tablets and phones. Combined with NTV300D support for DRM, this offers service providers a low-cost alternative to set-top boxes.

In addition, by supporting this seamless portability of existing Android applications and the cost-effective development of new applications, the NeoMediacast Dongle enables service providers to instantly turn any TV into a Smart TV.

It offers Miracast-enabled wireless display, so that consumers experience intuitive sharing of content from their mobile screens to big screen TVs. Equipped with full HD 1080p/60 decode, there is no compromise in accessing the best content available, while integrated DRM support ensures access to premium content.

The NTV300D also leverages 802.11ac wireless connectivity for a top quality viewing experience even with HD quality video. It integrates support for Bluetooth 4.0 so Bluetooth-enabled remote devices connect seamlessly. Service providers’ subscribers will love the simple and easy installation afforded by the small form factor.

Netgear NeoMediacast HDMI Dongle (NTV300D) will be available for service provider deployments in the first half of 2014.

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