CES 2014: Cisco demos Internet of Everything

At the CES 2014, networking vendor Cisco will conduct demonstrations showing its solutions for Internet of Everything.

This apart, Cisco CEO John Chambers will deliver a keynote address on the Internet of Everything (IoE), the networking vendor said in a statement.


Cisco will be demonstrating how several technology transitions including mobility, the consumerization of IT, the rise of cloud computing, the growing importance of Big Data and the Internet of Things — are combining to make the IoE possible.

Internet of Everything: In the Home

Featuring recently announced cloud-powered Cisco Videoscape software and service capabilities, this demo will show how the Internet of Everything can benefit consumers at home. It combines service provider delivered long-form content, location-based and profile data, home control/automation features, and data collected from sensors to show a vision for the home of the future.

Internet of Everything: On The Go

Cisco reimagines the shopping experience with our simulated retail environment called BigBox. While shopping at BigBox, visitors can walk through a combination of experiences involving location-based data, video, predictive analytics, security cameras, and sensors — designed to help retailers enrich the shopping trip for their customers, and more efficiently manage their stores.

Videoscape Cloud Software and Software as a Service (Saas)

Cisco will host private demonstrations to present how Videoscape empowers service providers and media companies to reduce operating expenses and improve agility, and grow revenue by leveraging the IoE.

Featured demos include the new Cisco Videoscape Cloud capabilities, advanced user experiences running on 4K/Ultra HDTV, Cisco Connected Life security and home automation solutions, new developments in advanced advertising, content management and security, and more.

Cisco’s Connected Car Solutions

Cisco is bringing the Internet to the road to help keep roads safer, less congested, and cleaner. Cisco will be demonstrating its network architecture designed to optimize communication and mobility services to and from connected cars.

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