CES 2013: Cobra Electronics to feature updated Cobra iRadar App and AirWave

Infotech Lead America: Cobra Electronics announced a major update for the Cobra iRadar App at CES 2013 on January 8-11, 2013.

Cobra will feature the updated iRadar App along with its complete 2013 product line throughout the show.

The updated Cobra iRadar App, version 3.1, reinvents the iRadar user-experience from the ground up with an updated map view, tools menu, live traffic view, and car finder function. Version 3.1 will be available in January.

The free Cobra iRadar App is available on iOS and Android devices, and is designed to work with Cobra’s iRadar family of radar detectors. In addition to new features version 3.1 will continue provide iRadar features including AURA speed and red light camera notifications, Live Police and other user-reported alerts, and automatic sharing of real-time radar detection information among iRadar Community members.

With 40,000 user generated reports per day and nearly 1 million users, iRadar is the largest and most active detection community in the world. The triple threat of radar/laser detection, verified camera locations, and real-time community threat information make iRadar products the ultimate tool for driver awareness and threat avoidance.

Cobra Electronics will also showcase the new Cobra HH500 Floating VHF Marine Radio. Cobra HH500 Floating VHF Marine Radio is a hand-held waterproof radio that includes Bluetooth wireless technology. The wireless capability allows users to pair their smartphone to the new radio, so they answer phone calls while keeping their cell phones safe and dry.

The radio also supports voice dialing of the user’s smartphone directly from the HH500. Cobra Electronics was recently awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for some of the features designed into this radio.

The Cobra HH500 Floating Marine Radio features Cobra’s Rewind-Say-Again digital voice recorder, which can play back the last 20 seconds of any incoming audio. It also includes a dedicated receiver for NOAA weather channels, ensuring that important weather and emergency messages are never missed and users are kept informed while on the water.

“Our goal with the development of the HH500 Marine radio was to combine the popular features of Cobra’s previous marine radios with the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity,” said Bill Boudreau, senior director of category management and new business development for Cobra.

The Cobra HH500 Floating VHF Marine Radio will be available beginning in January at an estimated retail price of $149.95.

Cobra Electronics will also feature Cobra AirWave at CES 2013.

Cobra AirWave is a compact portable music bridge that allows users to wirelessly connect their Bluetooth-enabled media devices (mp3 players, smartphones or tablets) to their older generation home stereo, car stereo, or standalone speakers.

The Cobra AirWave receiver connects to stereo equipment via cabling options that include 3.5mm to 3.5mm (headphone jack) cable, 3.5mm to RCA, and USB to micro-USB. The user pairs their media device to the AirWave unit, which acts as a wireless bridge allowing the user to transmit audio via Bluetooth to older home or car stereo systems.

“Over the years, most of us have invested a significant amount of money in home or car audio systems that represented the state-of-the-art in their day, and more recently we’ve purchased new smartphones and tablets that render our old equipment obsolete,” said Kiran Kripakaran, assistant category manager for Cobra.

The new Cobra AirWave is expected to be generally available beginning in Q1 at an estimated retail price of $39.95.

Cobra’s SPX Radar line will be available beginning in April at a suggested retail price ranging from $89.95-$129.95.

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