Cerebras secures $100 mn deal to supply AI Supercomputers to G42

Cerebras Systems, a Silicon Valley-based startup, has entered into a significant deal worth approximately $100 million with G42, a technology conglomerate based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Cerebras Systems AIThe agreement aims to provide the first of three artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers to G42, as cloud computing providers worldwide seek alternatives to chips from Nvidia due to supply shortages caused by the soaring popularity of AI services like ChatGPT.

Cerebras, among several startups seeking to challenge Nvidia’s market dominance in AI computing, will supply three of its powerful Condor Galaxy systems to G42. All of these systems will be built in the United States to expedite their deployment. The first supercomputer is set to come online later this year, with two additional systems scheduled for early 2024.

G42, based in Abu Dhabi, operates as a tech conglomerate with nine subsidiary companies, including those in data center and cloud service businesses. The group plans to leverage Cerebras’ AI supercomputers to offer AI computing services to healthcare and energy companies. G42 has managed to raise $800 million in funding, with investments from U.S. tech investment firm Silver Lake, which is backed by Mudabala, the UAE’s sovereign wealth fund.

According to Cerebras CEO Andrew Feldman, the $100 million contract will cover the completion of the first system, known as Condor Galaxy 1, representing a significant building block in the partnership between the two companies.

Despite the importance of this deal, specific terms and details remain undisclosed, as AlKaissi declined to provide further comment on the agreement. Nevertheless, the collaboration between Cerebras and G42 stands as a notable advancement in the field of AI computing, opening new possibilities for AI-driven solutions across various sectors.

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