Cellebrite unveils UFED Link Analysis software for mobile data forensics

Cellebrite, a provider of mobile data forensic solutions, has announced the latest addition to its UFED Series: UFED Link Analysis, in India.

The UFED Link Analysis tool, according to the company, is the only such product in India designed specifically for mobile forensics, and the first to deliver data visualization based on a complete range of existing, deleted and hidden data from multiple mobile devices.

The UFED Link Analysis tool provides accurate, actionable context to investigations.

The solution is software based, so it is cost efficient and easy to use. It will make operational planning of investigations more efficient by generating leads to shorten investigations and providing investigators with accurate, actionable context to potentially prevent a crime, apprehend a suspect or rescue a victim.

Law enforcement, military, private and corporate investigators can rapidly visualize key relationships between suspects and identify important patterns and anomalies.

The most important aspect of UFED Link Analysis is that it can integrate multiple mobile device extraction reports on a single screen.

The software reveals suspect’s direct and indirect communication links between multiple mobile devices via their mutual contacts, calls, text messages, chats, email, application transactions, among others.

Investigators can associate people within groups, confirm if people were at the same place at the same time; pinpoint to specific events, regular and irregular activity patterns.

The solution also shows how strongly connected people are and whether they share connections, across multiple devices. They can visualize the communication directions between entities, pinpoint bidirectional and unidirectional communication.

Another capability of UFED Series is that it searches data by keyword such as names, addresses, area codes or other information.  It also filters data by time and date, number of times contacts connected and categories.

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