CeBIT 2015: Huawei Active-Active data center solution promises 30% increase in performance

Enterprise networking vendor Huawei has showcased its Active-Active Data Center Solution at CeBIT 2015 – promising increase in service performance by 30 percent.

The six-level active-active architecture and active-active array feature provided in the solution signal will provide convenient service continuity solutions for enterprises.

There are differences between Huawei’s old and new models.

For instance, the Active-Active Data Center Solution demonstrated at CeBIT 2015 has an architecture optimized by the new active-active array feature as compared with the Active-Active Data Center Solution announced at the Huawei Cloud Congress in 2014.

“The cloud resource pool-based DR solution will evolve with the development of production technologies in new technical architecture. Huawei will dedicate in the research and development of DR solutions and help customers from various industries construct stable IT systems with its advantages in products and solutions,” said Su Chung Yen, IT director of Huawei Data Center DR Solution.

Huawei showcases Active-Active Data Center Solution at CeBIT 2015

The Huawei Active-Active Data Center Solution adopts active-active design at six levels, including storage, computing, application, network, security, and transmission. The active-active architecture helps enterprises achieve data center services with zero data loss.

At the storage layer, Huawei provides the active-active array feature to implement management of heterogeneous virtual storage resources and the cross-data center dual-write function. The active-active array feature eliminates the I/O performance bottlenecks of traditional gateway solutions, requires fewer nodes, and reduces risks.

Huawei claims that it has deployed 480 data centers including 160 cloud data centers.

Image source: Huawei

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