CDNetworks expands Cloud DNS Servers to 48 from 37

Infotech Lead Asia: CDNetworks has expanded its Cloud Domain Name System (DNS) Servers to 48 from 37 in the past one year.

CDNetworks has added Cloud DNS servers in Asia, Russia, Europe, and South America.

Gomez tests show that CDNetworks’ global DNS performance is 37 percent faster than the leading DNS service provider and up to ten times faster in Asia.

CDNetworks claims that it is the leading DNS network with 48 Cloud DNS Servers around the world.

“CDNetworks’ Cloud DNS service eliminates the need for time-consuming DNS requests back to San Francisco, so customers are served from the closest DNS server, thus ensuring fast website interaction. With CDNetworks’ 48 DNS points of presence around the globe, iOffer has seen tremendous growth in new markets, including Europe, China, and throughout Asia,” said Ryan Boyce, CEO, iOffer, a buying and selling online marketplace.

Online gambling sites, retail, financial trading, travel booking, and online gambling benefit from speed and increased security.

CDNetworks Cloud DNS service protects against DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks and vulnerability to spoofing with a massively distributed architecture and added security features.

“CDNetworks is committed to accelerating our customers’ websites and cloud applications and DNS plays a major role in performance and security,” said Jeff Kim, president & COO of CDNetworks Americas/EMEA.

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