Cavium unveils workload optimized ARM server SoCs ThunderX2


Semiconductor company Cavium announced ThunderX2, its second generation of Workload Optimized ARM server SoCs.

ThunderX2 targets high performance volume servers deployed by Public/Private Cloud and Telco data centers and high performance computing applications.

It is optimized for key Data Center workloads such as compute, security, storage, data analytics, network function virtualization and distributed databases.

Cavium said ThunderX2 will deliver two to three times the performance across a wide range of standard benchmarks and applications compared to ThunderX.

ThunderX2 is the second generation Workload Optimized processor from Cavium. It is based on ARMv8-A architecture and built on a 14nm FinFET process node.  It is fully compliant with ARM’s Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) standard.

Cavium also showcased CloudScale Rack solution, made up of silicon and software building blocks and engineered  for flexible, scalable software defined data centers.

The CloudScale Rack includes – ThunderX Workload Optimized processors, LiquidIO Intelligent , XPliant Flexible and LiquidSecurity Appliance.