Cavium launches NITROX V security processor to enhance performance

Cavium has launched NITROX V security processors & adapters to deliver performance for security in the enterprise and virtualized cloud data centers.

The NITROX V security processor family integrates up to 288 purpose-built security cores with high performance compression engines and virtualization hardware with PCI-Express Gen 3 and Interlaken interfaces.

The new NITROX family provides 3 to 10 times greater performance than any other solution within the same power envelope.

The company said new family is designed into cloud data center servers and networking equipment, enterprise and service provider equipment including servers, Application Delivery Controllers, UTM Gateways WAN Optimization Appliances, routers, and switches.

Cavium’s new solution is the combination of performance, features and interfaces which provides solution to the data center security and compression challenges.

In addition, NITROX V Security Processor family delivers SSL performance with 120K RSA Ops/Sec and 300K P256 ECC Ops/sec and bulk encryption performance of 100 Gbps.

This apart, the new family has enhanced Compression/decompression acceleration of 100Gbps and support GZIP, PKZIP, Inflate and Deflate algorithms.

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The NITROX V security processor family also offers latest security features and supports a wide variety of protocols including IPsec, SSL, TLS 1.x, DTLS and ECC Suite B.

“The NITROX V Security processor family built with this expertise addresses critical security feature and performance requirements of our target customers,” said Rajneesh Gaur, vice president & general manager at Cavium.

In June, Cavium partnered with network solution providers and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to bring hardware switch platforms based on the XPliant family of Ethernet switches.

In April, Cavium demonstrated SDN, NFV and security solutions for next generation enterprise, Cloud and telecom data centers.

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