Cadence utilizes IBM Cloud HPC to accelerate software development

Cadence Design Systems is utilizing IBM Cloud HPC to accelerate the development of its chip and system design software. This was announced by IBM recently.
IBM Cloud for CIOsCadence began its cloud journey in 2016 and has now adopted a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy, which includes IBM.

IBM Cloud has been used by Cadence to run several research and development workloads to gain advantages such as resiliency, performance, security, compliance, and total cost of ownership. Cadence can now manage its compute-intensive workloads flexibly on-premises and in the cloud with high levels of resiliency and performance.

By using IBM HPC both on-premises and on IBM Cloud, Cadence can handle peak compute demands while reducing the risk of downtime, which is crucial for strategic R&D work.

Cadence’s Chief Information Officer, Tarak Ray, stated that they have achieved high-compute utilization using IBM Cloud and IBM Spectrum LSF, resulting in efficient use of their cloud budget and streamlined computational workloads.

IBM’s General Manager, Rohit Badlaney, added that IBM Cloud HPC provides increased storage performance, greater compute power, and higher levels of security, enabling Cadence to improve HPC for computational software workload performance and overall efficiency.

Cadence reported that with IBM Cloud for HPC integrated with IBM Spectrum LSF, they can perform more regressions, which supports faster time to value. IBM’s experience in workload management and scheduling with IBM Spectrum LSF, combined with IBM Cloud for HPC, adds value to the Cadence team.

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