BTS selects Aryaka WAN optimization, dumping Riverbed

BTS has selected Aryaka’s WAN Optimization as-a-Service to solve their application performance issues and enhance their employee productivity.

It selected Aryaka — dumping Riverbed — to cut costs and avoid investing in expensive and complex appliances and dedicated links.

Aryaka enabled BTS, which is a globally distributed enterprise with 21 locations, to shorten the deployment time from months to a couple of days, and save thousands of dollars on hardware costs alone.

Key applications like Subversion (SVN) application now runs 85 percent faster over Aryaka network, and it has 90 percent optimized traffic over the network.


“Our employees in India needed fast SVN application response time at our new office in Mumbai to access resources in Philadelphia and ensure real-time version control,” said Ranjit Pookkottil, director IT, BTS.

Aryaka benefits to BTS include: 85 percent faster subversion (SVN) application response time, 90 percent optimized traffic over Aryaka core network, 210 percent burst over subscribed bandwidth, stable core latency between locations, cost effective alternative to MPLS/Riverbed boxes  and speed to turn up, ease of use and visibility.

Before selecting Aryaka to improve WAN performance, BTS employees in Mumbai, India had trouble using SSL VPNs to access SVN in the Philadelphia office. BTS had deployed expensive Riverbed WAN optimization equipment to help accelerate traffic, but minus a stable network between sites, application performance was still unacceptable.

BTS realized that upgrading Riverbed’s WAN Optimization to all of its locations would not cost-effectively address the company’s long term goals and would not overcome the issues its employees were facing.

Ajit Gupta, CEO of Aryaka Networks, said BTS understands that simplified networking and enhanced employee productivity would play a pivotal role in maintaining its leadership position in strategy execution market.

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