Brocade adds IPsec Suite B native port-based encryption for routers

Brocade announced the launch of native port-based encryption functionality for modular routers, enabling comprehensive privacy for all data across campus, data center, and wide area networks.

Touted as the industry-first, the offering delivers encryption embedded in-line with the I/O ports, enabling customers to avoid the significant performance loss, operational complexity, and prohibitive cost associated with services blades or external appliances used for encryption, Brocade said.

With this new feature, Brocade targets enterprises, service providers and the public sector.

Brocade has combined the IPsec Suite B algorithms with support for AES 256-bit keys to the family of Brocade MLXe routers via a purpose-built line module and operating system enhancements. It also features 128-bit MACsec encryption.


Both 256-bit IPsec encryption and 128-bit MACsec encryption are the gold-standard protocols used by organizations to help ensure end-to-end data protection. They can be enabled at wire speed for up to 44 Gbps (IPsec) or 200 Gbps (MACsec) throughput per module, meeting the highest levels of network performance requirements.

The advantage of this feature, according to Brocade, is that it eliminates the need for expensive specialized switch/router encryption services blades or third-party security appliances, while also eradicating performance-inhibiting latency and complex operations that are inherent with these types of add-on devices.

The new IPsec and MACsec functionality for the Brocade MLXe routers is interoperable with third-party IPsec Suite B-capable platforms. IPsec interoperability with the Brocade Vyatta® vRouter is targeted for a future release, enabling customers to deploy native network encryption for privacy of all their data across hybrid cloud deployments.

The new IPsec encryption module for the Brocade MLXe, MACsec-capable modules, and supporting software are shipping now.

Hardware modules that support up to 200 Gbps of wire-speed MACsec encryption are priced starting at $90,000. A module that supports both IPsec and MACsec at up to 44 Gbps wire-speed performance is priced at $120,000.

The Brocade NetIron OS 5.8 software that enables encryption functionality on these modules is available at no additional cost to customers with a Brocade service contract, the company said.

Rajani Baburajan

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