Broadcom Unveils Qumran3D: Next-Gen Single Chip Routers Ushering in High-Performance, Energy-Efficiency, and Security

Broadcom has announced the immediate release of Qumran3D, the latest addition to the esteemed StrataDNX family of single chip routers.
Broadcom’s Qumran3D
Qumran3D aims to revolutionize the landscape for carrier and cloud operator solutions by delivering high-performance networking that is energy-efficient and robust in terms of security.

Qumran3D, an innovative single chip, stands out by offering an impressive 25.6 Terabits per second of routing within a fixed form factor, supporting Ethernet port rates ranging from 100 Gb/s to 800 Gb/s. This advanced routing solution, driven by a single Qumran3D chip, is set to significantly save energy consumption (up to 66 percent) and rack space (up to 80 percent) compared to previous generations.

Broadcom’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Core Switching Group, Ram Velaga, remarked, “Qumran3D will accelerate the transition to merchant silicon routers, with its unique combination of unyielding performance, power efficiency, and security. Qumran3D is the ideal solution for the next generation of fixed, standalone routers, revolutionizing the way operators build and manage their networks.”

This breakthrough in single chip router technology arrives at a crucial time, as service providers grapple with escalating bandwidth demands and an increasing need for robust security, driven by factors such as AI advancements and the proliferation of mobile edge and high-data deployments.

Bob Wheeler, Principal Analyst at Wheeler’s Network, emphasized, “Service providers’ networks are in transformation to address massive growth in bandwidth, subscribers, and services. Qumran3D offers a high-bandwidth, large scale, secure, and low-power choice for networks connecting hundreds of thousands of subscribers and is well-positioned to help network operators meet this growth within the power and space constraints of aggregation, peering, and edge facilities.”

The high level of integration achieved with Qumran3D delivers exceptional performance even in the most challenging routing environments. With three dedicated engines for on-chip processing, large-scale forwarding, strong security functions, and native line-rate MACsec encryption on all ports, it sets a new standard in networking technology.

Moreover, Qumran3D’s embedded forwarding databases are sized to meet the required scale for any routing environment and anticipate the anticipated exponential growth of subscribers and services in the coming decade, eliminating the need for routing tables’ expansion in external devices.

Addressing the evolving security landscape, Qumran3D boasts large-scale on-chip policy tables that offer top-notch privacy and protection to both the network and its subscribers. The flexible policy engines, in conjunction with IPsec for connection security and MACsec for line-rate encryption, provide enhanced security for millions of private connections across subscribers without compromising performance.

Additionally, Qumran3D’s 256 links of industry-leading 100G PAM-4 SerDes enable a significant reduction in optical transceiver power consumption, ranging from 25 percent to 50 percent. It also supports emerging 800ZR+ optics for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and IP over Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (IPoDWDM).

With its versatility, Qumran3D is well-suited for various network applications, including Core, Edge, peering, and DCI routers, as well as aggregation systems, efficiently managing and securely connecting users and exchanging traffic between networks and data centers.