Broadcom Unveils Industry’s First 51.2 Tbps Co-Packaged Optics Ethernet Switch

Broadcom made headlines with the announcement of the industry’s pioneering 51.2 terabits per second (Tbps) co-packaged optics (CPO) Ethernet switch, dubbed Bailly, now in the hands of its customers.
Broadcom Ethernet switch Bailly
This breakthrough product integrates eight silicon photonics-based 6.4-Tbps optical engines with Broadcom’s renowned StrataXGS Tomahawk5 switch chip, setting a new standard in performance and efficiency within the networking industry.

Bailly boasts a myriad of advancements, notably its ability to operate at 70 percent lower power consumption compared to conventional pluggable transceiver solutions. Additionally, it delivers an impressive eightfold improvement in silicon area efficiency, marking a significant leap forward in optical interconnect technology.

The deployment of optical interconnects has become increasingly pivotal for both front-end and back-end networks in expansive generative AI clusters. Current pluggable optical transceivers consume around 50 percent of system power and constitute over half of the cost of traditional switch systems.

With the burgeoning bandwidth demands of modern GPUs and the continuous expansion of AI clusters, there’s a pressing need for power-efficient and cost-effective optical interconnects that surpass discrete solutions.

Bailly, driven by Broadcom’s CPO and silicon photonics technology platform, offers advantages including low latency, high bandwidth density, minimal power consumption, and reduced cost, thus meeting the evolving needs of large-scale, energy-efficient AI clusters.

The integration within Bailly is remarkable, incorporating hundreds of optical components and hundreds of millions of transistors into a single optical engine. This level of integration allows for the consolidation of optical engines onto a common substrate with complex logic ASICs, minimizing the necessity for signal conditioning circuitry. Consequently, Bailly achieves a remarkable 70 percent reduction in power consumption compared to pluggable transceivers.

Broadcom’s innovative manufacturing approach, leveraging established CMOS foundry processes, advanced packaging technologies, and highly automated high-density, edge-coupled fiber attach capabilities, facilitates high-volume production of Bailly.

To expedite the adoption of CPO platforms, Broadcom is collaborating with cloud service providers (CSPs) and system integrators to co-design platforms. The company will exhibit the Bailly 51.2T CPO system at the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) 2024 exhibition.

“Bailly will enable hyperscalers to deploy lower-power, cost-efficient, large-scale AI and compute clusters. Broadcom’s technology leadership and manufacturing innovations help Bailly deliver 70 percent better power efficiency and ensure an optical I/O roadmap that can walk in tandem with the future bandwidth and power needs of AI infrastructure,” Near Margalit, Vice President of the Optical Systems Division at Broadcom, said.

The announcement has garnered widespread support from industry leaders. Sameh Boujelbene, Vice President at Dell’Oro Group, emphasized the growing significance of innovative optical connectivity solutions such as Broadcom’s Bailly co-packaged optics platform to address the challenges posed by AI clusters while resolving cost and power consumption hurdles.

The sentiment was echoed by Feng Luo, Head of Network Systems at ByteDance, who highlighted Broadcom’s pivotal role in advancing co-packaged optics to overcome current limitations in cost and power consumption.

Richard Li, General Manager of H3C’s switch product line, underscored the transformative potential of highly integrated co-packaged optics in circumventing the design constraints of pluggable transceivers in high-density systems.

Mansour Karam, Global Vice President (GVP) of Data Center Products at Juniper Networks, stressed the significance of adopting co-packaged optics throughout data centers to enhance cost, power consumption, and bandwidth efficiency.

Grant Lai, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Micas Networks, emphasized the partnership with Broadcom to design systems with highly integrated co-packaged optics, heralding a more power-efficient future network.

Broadcom’s unveiling of the Bailly 51.2 Tbps CPO switch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of optical interconnect technology, promising to revolutionize networking capabilities and accelerate the deployment of advanced AI infrastructure.

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